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Astrologer Specialist In India : In our life, there come so many situations that become the barriers that do not let us do any work. Such situation always makes us frustrate and stops our power of thinking. No one wants that there should any of the trouble into their life; everyone wants their life should go smoothly so that they can enjoy living. But it is the law of nature that if we are happy then we also have to be sad at sometimes. Both good and bad time comes simultaneously and we should how to manage it.

Astrology specialist in India can make the lives of the people pleasant with his astrological skills. Astrologer Specialist In India is the universal truth because we know that whatever happening around us is just because of the movement of the heavenly bodies and celestial bodies. Their radiations do affect our Zodiacs and thus we have to face good and bad time to our life. Astrology specialist in India has professional knowledge about the astrology.

He wanted that every person in this world should be happy, there should not be such person who is in sorrow. Astrology specialist in India has very good knowledge about the astrology and its subfields like numerology, vastu, gemology, horoscope, vashikaran and black magic etc. Having the knowledge and experience about all these fields are not easy but he has gained good knowledge about each of those.

Famous astrologer in world

Famous astrologer in world : Some people use the astrology for the negative purposes but astrology specialist in India make sure whatever solutions are given by should be used under his guidance and for the good purposes because if we use it for bad then it would harm us and we have to face problems for a life long.

here is a number of people from all over the world comes to him with their problem he just analyze their horoscope or just with the help of their birth details he comes to know about their problems. His astrological solutions are very influential that a person soon gets to feel the change in their life. Life is a precious gift of God and we should always respect it and always try to spread happiness.


Love Marriage Specialist

Love marriage is one of the most important steps in everyone's life and for this reason; It has become important to marry the right person to live in peace with your future life.


Vashikaran Specialist

The word vashikaran is the two words in which the first Vashi means controlling or attracting someone and secondly Karan means adopting Vashi method.


Black Magic Specialist

Black Magic Strategy is such a fast and crystal gazer system successful. They are related to the use of common partners on this topic, you need to have another chance to be closed.


Love Back Solution

Do you repeat him and break the man you want to get it again? This is not always easy and unfortunately it is not always possible.The track is one for each of us in veins and tears.

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Husband wife dispute

Husband Wife Dispute Problems Even in Married Life A husband and wife are common in dispute Everyone has their own problems with their own disputes. Some good couples often resolve their marriage arguments or problems through their discussion but they can not solve their problems. If you are ready to talk, your spouse will not be ready to listen to you. There may be various problems in the marriage ceremony, such as the marriage of divorce of husband and wife in the dispute, husband and wife are related to the marriage of husband and wife in connection with a married relationship

husband and wife, marriage, and spouse and husband and wife in connection with remarriage or other husband's spouse Patias have no close relationship between husband and wife There is no relation between lack of relation and lack of faith. eople get such problems in their marriage, but do not try to find solutions for them. They almost compromised or take away the situation, and they write in their doom and if they do not understand their partners then they can not do anything. The only thing that's worse is worse, most importantly.


Love problem solution

From life to love affair, love marriage, lost real love color, cult and caste are also problems in love and that is coming from society, family or others. There are problems in the relationship because love relations are not conducive, disciplines.


Husband Wife Dispute

There is no problem because it may look good even if it is a great couple. Each spouse may face some problems in their relationship. Let's do a quick check on the problems of most relationships. Copying can usually be a disadvantage associated.


Astrology Specialist

Astronomy is an old science for the future and it has come to provide a universal solution to the issues related to areas in different fields. It is tremendous for the welfare and health, happiness and freedom problems, and the success.


Numerology Specialist

Sometimes the vibrations have frequency or power to influence things in life, in things like belief in numerologist or numerology readings. In fact, the number of hidden and mysterious frequency and its effect on human life.

Client Testimonials :
  • woman
    I was madly in love with a boy who was much richer than me. At the end of many years of the relationship, he broke up with me. I felt used and hopeless. I was on the verge of suicide when as a last resort, I stumbled upon Sunil Acharya Ji’s website. I did not have the money to afford a hefty fees so I asked him if my problem will be solved, how much will I have to pay. To my surprise, he said he charges no guru dakshina and I only have to pay for the puja. I was surprised and I took a chance. In 15 days, my boyfriend came back to me and proposed to marry me. Sunil Ji has given me a new lease of life and I will never forget the help. Please remember, real sadhus never ask for money, they only want to help people.

    Sonam, 23, (Delhi)

  • man
    I had a small cloth store in Khokha market. My business was not doing well. I got in touch with Guruji sometime back in 2005. With his guidance and advice, not only did my business bloom but also I found a mentor who I turn to for guidance for each and every big decision in my life. Today I make money in crores and I have five showrooms all over Ludhiana. Guruji never asks for Guru Dakhshina, it is your wish whatever you want to pay him. In this day and age of frauds and fake gurus, Sunil Acharya Ji is an answer to my prayers.

    Satish Arora, 43, Businessman from Ludhiana (Punjab)

  • woman
    I was posted as a manager in the State Bank of India in its Assam branch. I terribly missed my family and I had a tough time adjusting to the environment of Assam. I tried to get a transfer but something or the other blocked my option. Under a lot of depression, I gave up home and thought that may be I should try some other way. In August 2013, I came across Sunil Acharya Ji’s website www.astrologyspecialistindia.com . At first, I thought it would be one of those sites which will ask me for a large sum of money and give no results. Then I had a chance to talk to Sunil Ji, he reassured me and to my surprise he said “Do not pay me anything other than puja material, pay me whatever you feel like once your work is done”. I instantly struck a chord with him and in a span of 3 months, I was transferred out of Assam to Mumbai. It was the best Diwali of my life. I took a flight to Ludhiana and met the man myself and I cannot stress enough on his genuine and honest approach to helping people.

    Tez Krishna 50, (Jammu)

  • woman
    I had a very debilitating ailment. I had high blood sugar with a bad case of Tuberculosis. The doctors had given me a few days to live. I was just a small time stock broker and I did not have money to afford expensive treatment. I got referred to Guruji and he did not ask me for a single rupee, all I had to pay was for the puja materials and believe it or not, I was back to being myself in just one week! Not only that, today my consultancy has become so popular that I can work for 12-13 hours a day without feeling an iota of weakness. Sunil Acharya Ji changed my life.

    Sushil Mittal,47, ( Chandigarh)

  • woman
    I was a small time scrap seller with a family to support and I was not doing very well in my profession. Needless to say I could not afford to pay thousands to someone I knew from the internet. However, in 2011, I read about Sunil Ji in a classified ad and got in touch with him. He helped me selflessly and today I am a ship broker. I earn a comfortable livelihood and I have accepted Sunil Ji as my mentor and guru. He is really a great person with a genuine desire to help people live a good life.

    Babu Rao, 35, Ship broker

  • woman
    After a few years of my marriage, I discovered the shattering truth about my husband having an affair. Divorce is not an option for me as I loved my husband very much. As a doctor, I did not believe in astrology and hocus pocus but in a moment of extreme depression, I stumbled upon Sunil Acharya Ji’s website www.astrologyspecialistindia.com and I thought of trying this out as a hope against hope. With his humble demeanour and an eagerness to help, he saved my marriage. In just a month, things were back to normal and today I continue to live a happy life. I am very grateful to Guruji.

    Dr. Neha Chawla, Dr. Neha Chawla

  • woman
    With Guruji’s help, I got a government job in Canada within a promised time of 72 hours. I got in touch with him on June 2013 and in 3 days I had an offer letter in hand. This man is 100% real and I now believe in powers beyond our understanding. I am grateful that he uses his powers to help people. God bless him.

    Deep Kaur, 45, Vancouver, Canada

  • woman
    I had a major problem trying to get citizenship of Canada. A close friend secretly suggested me to call Guruji. I called him in April 2012 and I do not know how or why but he promised to solve my problem within 3 months and sure enough in 90 days I got a full fledged citizenship. This man is very powerful with his knowledge and I deeply respect that he uses his powers to help people without any ulterior profit making motive. You can pay him whatever fees you want, only materials for the ceremony are to be borne by you.

    Manjit Singh, 46, Toronto

  • woman
    I am an American citizen and I was facing a land dispute in July 2011. My relatives suggested I consult Sunil Acharya Ji. At first I was skeptical because I searched the internet and found that there are a lot of fake gurus and fraudsters who promise to solve your problems and then extort money from you. I still made a call and I was surprised, he did not ask me for a single penny and said that I can pay him whatever I want once the work is done. In one week, my land dispute was sorted and I was awed with respect for this gentleman who kept his promise and helped me.

    Rajdeep Singh, 55, New York

  • woman
    My young daughter was missing and needless to say, it was a matter of family prestige. I consulted Guruji in utmost confidentiality and he assured me that she will come back home within 72 hours. She did return home and as a father, I cannot ever repay Acharya Ji for saving the honour of my family and helping me find my child back. God bless him.

    Mahender Singh, 50, Amritsar, Punjab

  • woman
    : My boyfriend broke up with me and left for Australia. I was on the verge of spiraling down into severe depression. I called Sunil Acharya Ji after seeing his number on the internet. Within one month of consulting him, my boyfriend came back to me and not just that, he went down on his knees and proposed marriage. This man saved my life, I owe a big debt of gratitude to Sunil Ji. Just call him and you will believe in miracles. He is honest and lives up to his promise, he is not profit minded and only charges for Puja.

    Renu Bala, 28, Siliguri

  • woman
    I come from a staunch Brahmin family and I fell in love with a guy from other caste. Our families opposed the marriage and we were really depressed. As a last shot, we decided to try Astro Science and we called Sunil Ji. He promised to solve our problem in 15 days and sure enough in 15 days our families agreed for the marriage. Today we are happy and we are in constant touch with Sunil Ji. We will never forget what he did for us.

    Shalini Sharma, 30, Chandigarh

  • woman
    I got married when I was 30 and for 9 years I did not conceive. I went to all sorts of fertility doctors, I have tried all sorts of Fakirs, Babas, gurus and then I stumble upon Sunil Acharya Ji on the internet. Money is not a problem for me, I was desperate so I told him “ I can pay you whatever you want if you can help me conceive”. He replied to me saying he does not need a penny and it is against his principles to accept money for his work. He charged me money for the havan and pratikaars and I paid him that amount which is smaller than a fraction of what I had already spent. I consulted him in April 2012 and in January 2013 I had a baby boy. I flew down to Ludhiana and gifted him a chain of gold. I still think he deserves much more. God Bless this kind man.

    Lalita Ben, 39, Ahmedabad

  • woman
    Being a Zamindar with a lineage of royal feudal lords, money has never been a problem in my family. My son however, used his inherited money to drink, indulge in drugs and he even frequented the red light areas for amusement. My son was a gone case, he misbehaved with my wife and he stopped speaking to me. I consulted many sages who saw my ancestry and looted me to no end. Then I gave Sunil Acharya Ji a shot, to my surprise, he was unfazed with my wealth and only wanted to solve my problem. In 75 days time, my son left all his bad habits and turned back to the family. Today he is a responsible adult. Sunil Acharya Ji is now one of my closest friends, guide and mentor and I consider myself fortunate to have crossed path with such a humble and modest and helpful person in this day and age where everybody wants to earn money and be dishonest. I hope people learn from him.

    Bhanwar Singh Sekhawat, 50, Jodhpur

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